D. Elisabeth (“Lisa”) Winters           
Executive Director

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Director's Welcome

Director's Welcome

Welcome to the website of Crossroads Youth & Family Services! We are so glad that you have visited us, and we want you to visit us frequently. Our number one priority is to provide the best, most effective, and most enjoyable programs and services we possibly can. That means that YOU are our first priority!

This year, our agency is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Our Emergency Youth Shelter first opened in 1969 for runaway and homeless youth. Fifty years later, we are a multifaceted agency with two major program divisions: Youth Services (including today's Emergency Youth Shelter) and Head Start/Early Head Start (quality early childhood education for children from six weeks of age to age five years). Our Shelter and our Counseling Center are located in Norman, Oklahoma, and our Head Start Program is available in Comanche, Cleveland, and Pottawatomie Counties. Early Head Start is available in those three counties as well as in Seminole.

Our Emergency Youth Shelter (the only such youth shelter in all of Cleveland County) still serves runaway and homeless youth, but most of its young clients come to us by way of referrals from the Department of Human Services as a result of alleged abuse and/or neglect. Most of them also stiffer trauma as a result of their Adverse Childhood Experiences, so we are always about the business of finding ways to help them feel safe, comforted, and empowered. The Shelter also provides a safe place for law enforcement officers in Cleveland County to drop off juveniles arrested or referred for misdemeanors or other minor offenses. This experience gives juveniles accountability for their actions while also protecting them from placement in unnecessarily restrictive settings such as detention centers. Our Shelter certainly provides important services to children who are most in need!

Our Youth and Family Counseling Program offers quality Outpatient Mental Health services for children and their family members, as well as Marital counseling to couples with children. These services are fully accredited by CARF International, an organization that oversees the quality of care offered by providers of behavioral services to adults and children, such as Crossroads. Our next CARF accreditation site visit will occur from May 20-22,2019, so stay tuned!

In terms of our Head Start/Early Head Start Program, we have rejoined the Oklahoma Early Childhood Program (OECP), in Lawton. This program is a bit of a "step up" from Head Start/Early Head Start in that heightened levels of coordination occur with an external organization, CAP Tulsa, which provides consultation, ideas for training events, and other important resources to our Program here at Crossroads.

We are also gearing up for a monitoring event of our Head Start/Early Head Start Program, which will occur June 3‑5, 2019. We look forward to showcasing our early childhood education services, and we will keep you in the loop about our results.

Thank you very much for your support in our work with vulnerable children and families. Stop by anytime! We would so appreciate your help with financial support as well, especially for the Youth Services that we offer.

Visit us on Facebook too. We've been seeing Oklahoma's children and families for 50 years, but every new child and family we serve is a new friend to us!

The mission of Crossroads Youth & Family Services, Inc. is to support the healthy lifestyles and emotional well-being of children, youth, and families through the provision of effective, community-based programs.