D. Elisabeth (“Lisa”) Winters           
Executive Director

All Roads Lead to Home -Paving the Way for Healthy Lifestyles, Strong Families, and Caring Communities

Director's Welcome

Welcome to our website! We hope this will be a place that you will visit frequently, because we want to help you with services, information, and anything else that we can offer to you, your child, your family, or your clients.

Here in Cleveland County, the staff at our Emergency Youth Shelter in Norman (the only such homeless youth shelter  in Cleveland County) continually amaze me with their ability to comfort and counsel children who have been traumatized by abuse and neglect in their young lives. When children who are withdrawn and fearful literally blossom into interacting with other children and visualizing a brighter future for themselves, it shows how important the Shelter really is. The children we serve there are truly those most in need.

Our Youth and Family Counseling Program offers quality Outpatient Mental Health services for children and their family members, as well as Marital counseling to couples with children.   The results of our recent CARF accreditation site visit were so good that we had no negative findings whatsoever.  According to our CARF surveyor, only a small proportion of programs achieve this accomplishment."

Our Shelter also provides a safe place for law enforcement officers in Cleveland County to drop off juveniles arrested or referred for misdemeanors or other minor offenses. This experience gives juveniles accountability for their actions while also protecting them from placement in unnecessarily restrictive settings such as detention centers.  It also helps in teaching parenting skills.

The past year has seen a number of changes in the Head Start/Early Head Start Program here at Crossroads Youth & Family Services.  First of all, our hours are expanding!  This will especially be true in the area of Early Head Start services for children six weeks of age to three years of age, because these services will be  available for six hours per day at all of our Early Head Start centers by the beginning of school in Fall 2017.  In terms of Head Start services for three to five year olds, most of those centers will also provide six hours of service per day by then.
Because an increasing number of four-year-olds are going to Pre-K in public schools, another big change is that our Head Start centers will, for the most part, serve three-year-old children instead of three- and four-year-olds.  Because the number of three-year-olds in a classroom can’t exceed 17, however, there won’t be as many slots available in our Head Start centers.  Additionally, a number of our Head Start centers are becoming Early Head Start centers instead.  Crossroads has had waiting lists for Early Head Start for years, though, so we believe it will be a positive change to better meet the demand for services and prepare children for a challenging 21st century world.”

Thank you very much for your support in our work with vulnerable children and families.   Please come back soon!

The mission of Crossroads Youth & Family Services, Inc. is to support the healthy lifestyles and emotional well-being of children, youth, and families through the provision of effective, community-based programs.