“I was able to mend fences with my parents.  So instead of getting in trouble all the time, now I want to go to college and get a degree in psychology.”

Thomas, 17 years old

Juvenile Intervention Services

Who We Serve
It’s hard parenting a teenager.  Their behavior may be driving you crazy.   Children you love so much may be acting so unlovable.  They may be engaging in increasingly risky behavior that goes beyond mere teenage rebellion.    

Small mistakes are one thing – but when teens begin making serious mistakes that can ruin their futures, such as stealing or experimenting with drugs – that’s when law enforcement may get involved. 

If your child or teenager is picked up by the police in Cleveland County for a status offense, a misdemeanor delinquent offense, or non-violent felony, odds are that Crossroads’ Juvenile Intervention Services located at our Emergency Youth Shelter at 1650 W. Tecumseh Road will get involved as well.  Several cities in Central Oklahoma contract with us to accept juveniles from law enforcement officers so that the pertinent issues can be processed and their parent(s) contacted.

That way, juveniles experience some of the consequences of their actions and law enforcement officers are able to resume their other duties.  Parents often tell us, however, that the main thing this experience has done for them is to help them get their child’s attention (funny thing, we hear that from juveniles about their parents, too). 

We also hear from both juveniles and their parents that they feel as though they were treated courteously and respectfully by our staff and that the experience was as positive as could be expected under the circumstances.  We like hearing that, because we take very seriously our obligation to help kids and parents with problems in relationships and the challenges of daily living.  Youth and Family Counseling is available for kids and their parents who find themselves in this situation – help is always just a phone call away.