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Fire Sprinkler Inspection


Fire sprinkler inspectors have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Performing regular inspections of fire sprinkler systems to ensure that they are functioning properly

  • Documenting the inspection results in a written report that outlines any issues found during the inspection

  • Recommending repair or replacement of equipment as needed based on inspection findings

  • Recommending changes to fire safety codes, regulations, or laws as needed to improve safety for all parties involved

  • Recommending changes to building plans at the beginning of construction projects to ensure that fire sprinkler systems can be installed properly

  • Ensuring that sprinkler systems meet applicable industry standards and codes

  • Recommending improvements to sprinkler systems based on new technology developments or changes in fire safety standards

  • Inspecting fire suppression equipment such as sprinkler pumps and alarms to ensure that they are working properly

  • Identifying any potential hazards or safety concerns with regard to fire sprinkler systems

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