Homeless Youth Services & Emergency Youth Shelter

Who We Serve

Crossroads’ Emergency Youth Shelter provides short-term emergency homeless shelter care for up to twelve (12) children from birth to seventeen (17) years of age in Cleveland and other Central Oklahoma Counties. 

The Emergency Youth Shelter is a safe, nurturing environment for children experiencing any kind of crisis in their lives.

When teens are on the streets, homeless, or at risk of becoming so, there is only one place in Cleveland County where they can turn...

When babies and children are left unprotected, abused, or neglected, there is only one place child welfare workers can bring them...

When families are in crisis and their lives are falling apart, this is a place they can turn to for help...

Crossroads Youth & Family Services is the ONLY emergency homeless youth shelter in all of Cleveland County.

We’re the ONLY organization that shelters children and youth exclusively and reaches out with food, clothes, and caring...we give them youth counseling services and provide a teacher so they don’t fall behind in school...

We have sheltered children abandoned by their parents, and sheltered teens who came to us pregnant, suicidal, or alone.

You would not want these children left helpless out on the streets...


We make sure that doesn’t happen.  It’s what we do.  

Where We Are Located
Continuously open 365 days per year, the Shelter is located in the southwest corner of the Alan J. Couch Center at 1650 W. Tecumseh Road in Norman, Oklahoma.

It is the cornerstone of Crossroads Youth & Family Services, and was the first among homeless youth shelters in
Oklahoma, opening its doors in its original location in 1969.  The Shelter opened in its present location in 1992.



The ONLY Youth Shelter in Cleveland County. 

Crossroads Youth & Family Services, Inc. 

The mission of Crossroads Youth & Family Services, Inc. is to support the healthy lifestyles and emotional well-being of children, youth, and families through the provision of effective, community-based programs.

Email: info@crossroadsyfs.com

Phone: 405-292-6440

Address: 1333 W. Main Street, Norman, OK 73069

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