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Counseling Services

Crossroads’  Youth and Family Counseling Program offers prevention, education, child and family support counseling services for children from birth through seventeen (17) years of age and their family members, both children and adults, in Cleveland County.

About Youth & Family Counseling


The Youth and Family Counseling Program at Crossroads YFS specializes in the person-centered outpatient behavioral health services that can help resolve the emotional challenges that children and families face.  Person-centered means that we put your needs, your strengths, and your family first.  We see participants as equal partners in planning, developing, and monitoring care to make sure it meets the personal and familial needs of participants.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable counselors gear office visits toward a family’s needs and time schedule.  Most times, these are short-term interventions, but we are also here to help for the long haul if need be.  We can accept Medicaid payments, and families are never denied services based on inability to pay.

Our Services

Family at home
Youth and Family Counseling
Directions in Divorce
Study Group
Psychoeducation Groups
Support Groups
Community at Risk Services (CARS)
Teens and Parents in
Partnership (FTOP)
Happy Kids with Books
Truancy Program
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