Welcome, Board Members!

We appreciate all you do for Crossroads Youth & Family Services, Inc. This page is specifically dedicated to you for you to know what is going on at the Youth Shelter, Head Start/ Early Head Start, and Counseling Services. Also, all documents can be found here if you need quick access, as well as a directory to administrative staff and fellow Board members. Again, we appreciate your service and look forward to creating better "roads that lead to home."

Board Members

Clent Stewart 


Lori Thrower

Vice Chair

Gerald Murray

Past Chair

Sharon Pyeatt


Phyllis Weaver


Rhonda Weber

Dana Moore

Becky Tannery

Golda Slawinski

Angela Smith

Joseph Blanchard

LeAnne Pence, CPA

Leroy Giles

Board Packets

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March 2021- No Meeting

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November 2021

December 2021- No Meeting

January 2022

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Board Updates/ Announcements



During Spring break, shelter staff took residents to the Oklahoma City Zoo. It was chilly, but was a fun time to explore the exhibits.