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Learn the Signs. Act Early. 

With Crossroads Youth & Family Services

As a parent, you already have what it takes to help your young child learn and grow. Watch your child’s amazing progress by tracking his or her developmental milestones —how he or she plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves – and sharing that progress with your child’s doctor, teachers, and other early childhood professionals. Acting early on developmental concerns can make a real difference for your child and you! If you’re concerned about your child’s development, don’t wait. You know your child best.

Crossroads Youth and Family Services Head Start and Early Head Start Programs are proud partners of the CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” program, which encourages parents and providers to learn the signs of healthy development, monitor every child’s early development, and act early when there is a concern.

How Crossroads Youth & Family Services Can help

Head Start and Early Head Start

As part of our Head Start and Early Head Start Programs children receive a quality early learning


experience from our staff of early childhood professionals who work to ensure the best developmental environment and opportunities.

Family Partnerships

We believe in strong partnerships with our families. This includes regular parent 


teacher conferences which all include a review and discussion of your child’s developmental milestones as well as regular developmental screening.

More from Learn the Signs. Act Early

Complete a milestone checklist for your child’s age to track and celebrate the milestones that he or she is reaching.


See photo and video examples of important developmental milestones that children should reach from 2 months to 5 years of age.


Track your child’s milestones with CDC’s FREE Milestone Tracker app, available for iOS and Android in both English and Spanish.


Learn the signs. Act Early has many more free tools to you help you track your children’s milestones. Visit the website for children’s books, and more.

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