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What is an item that can make your body and mind float?

Enter...the pool noodle. With stress and anxiety on the rise, there are some pretty interesting ways people are managing. For years, I bit my nails. Other people doodle, use various fidget tools, or sadly, some turn to outside substances.

Many schools are implementing Calm Down Centers to help students refocus and have a safe space since most schools are completely in-person learning environments this year. For many teachers on a budget or with the fear of popping or slimy things, there is a need for inexpensive tools that students can use to help channel some of the anxious energy they feel.

Enter the Pool Noodle DE-stressor. This gadget costs about $1- 2 dollars and makes an abundance of hand stress tools.

How to create

Simply purchase a pool noodle

Use extremely sharp scissors or a bread knife

Cut into 1.5 inch sections

Voila, they are ready for use.

This year Crossroads Youth & Family Services is focused on Anxiety and Depression by providing useful information for people to learn to move beyond coping. The goal of many of these programs is to move people to a place of being able to thrive even amongst chaos.

For more information about some of these resources, join our mailing list and we will be sure to provide valuable tools each week for you and your family.

If you know a student in middle school, high school, or college in need of some therapy or resources, please contact our EPIC Box team for more information about our EPIC Box which is filled with resources.

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