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Finding the Teddy Bear- Navigating Divorce Positively with Children

A year ago this week, we were facing an unknown challenge that made the world stop for a LONG moment. Time continued to fly by or stand still depending on a person's perspective. Now that people are getting back in the swing of 'regular life' there are some harsh realities that came to the forefront due to the pandemic. People had to learn new ways to cope with all the challenges they had to face. People had to learn to connect in a different way. Some families, sadly are facing some of the largest disconnects during these times.

As Tulsa's Fox 23 reports, "Divorce rates are spiking and some experts blame the pandemic." In fact the numbers are staggering because of the sharp increase from 2019 to 2020. Just from March to June 2020 the number of divorces filed in Oklahoma increased by 34% compared to this same time period a year prior. Over 20% of those people were married within the past 5 months. There is much blame going around from financial difficulties to being locked into small space with loved ones. One of the major challenges in Oklahoma has always been high divorce rates, even prior to the pandemic. Oklahoma remains one of the top five states for divorce.

The results of these divorce filings can vary. There are people who can attend retreats, counseling, or other services to help rebuild. For others, divorce is the option that makes the most sense for the family. If people find themselves in the midst of a divorce, there are factors that require outside assistance to make sure the choices made don't impact their entire family negatively. Families need a navigation system to help mitigate the trauma to children especially.

Classes help ensure little trauma impacts children caught in the middle. These classes are required by Cleveland County in Norman, but are helpful to anyone finding themselves in this difficult situation. This week we will explore Crossroad's Directions in Divorce classes to learn about the benefits, outcomes, and what to expect. We will talk with experts to gain a better understanding of how to make divorce less painful for all parties involved.

In the meantime, if you find yourself involved in a divorce click here for more details or to enroll in Directions in Divorce.

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