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Strike or Bumpers?

STRIKE! Shelter Residents enjoy a night of bowling

As the cold air moves out and warmer temperatures arise, Youth Shelter residents are able to participate in a little socially-distanced fun. Thanks to benefactors the Carmax Foundation of Norman and United Way of Norman, these moments are a part of these kids’ lives forever. Someone once told me that it is in these moments where laughter is shared that true healing happens. It is a pleasure to provide some time outside the shelter for students to engage in the world beyond Crossroads.

Over the course of my lifetime I remember graduating from bumpers to learning how to control the energy and found it quite interesting to learn the educational, social, psychological and health benefits of bowling. Socially, “over 18.8 million youth bowl each year” where they “meet new friends and learn to come together in individual or team environments.” According to Kids Learn to Bowl there are additional psychological benefits to bowling as well including: time management, understanding winning and losing, and dealing with stress.

So, I won’t tell the secret of who won or lost because everyone having a great time was the goal. We are off to another adventure and look forward to updating you on more of our excursions soon!

A Special THANK YOU goes out to Carmax of Norman, United Way of Norman, and other contributors who fund special events such as a night out bowling. Thank you so much!

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