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Glam Squad Volunteers at Youth Shelter

The pandemic put many things on hold, but now that spring is in the air the reality hit many of us- I need a hair cut! Last Saturday was the perfect experience of "all the right people in the right place."

Students from Paul Mitchell- The School in Norman came to the Emergency Youth Shelter to provide a little glamorous fun. Many of the residents at the shelter have been apart of our program for weeks if not months. There was some apprehension at the beginning because this is the first time Crossroads hosted such an event. In the end, "It left us all feeling emotional" and a feeling that we can accomplish anything with amazing community partners.

We had a resident experiencing all this on her first day, but with special spots like the Peaceful Place, she was able to enjoy the fun and decompress when needed. The shelter made it a point in 2020 to start making updates to meet needs of various residents. With the help of The Norman Exchange and other donors, a space was created for some quiet, alone time.

Outside the Peaceful Place, a different kind of peace was created by the caring staff and students who helped people demonstrate their style in different ways. From braids to flat ironing, everyone was able to show their individual styles with the help of the team.

For people who are learning ways to make others feel better about themselves for a living, these talented artists allowed our staff, students, interns, and volunteers to feel the same way.

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